“Take Jane”

NO2ID launch a new video campaign this week aimed at highlighting a disturbing aspect of the national identity register – the database at the heart of the preposterous “ID cards” scheme – that is frequently overlooked. “Take Jane” is a short video monologue by a mother fleeing an abusive husband out of fear for her safety and that of their daughter, Jane. She knows that easy access to her details via the thousands of officials that operate the database means it’s only a matter of time before he finds them. As NO2ID say on their site:

It is nearly certain the National Identity Register will be used, as many existing databases have already been, to harrass and to stalk individuals and to commit crimes against them.

Because it is intended to be universal, because it will contain or connect to so much information, and because it will feed other official databases, the National Identity Register has much more potential for harm than the often patchy official records that already exist.

The campaign will hopefully show the “nothing to hide” argument used by pro-ID advocates for the rubbish it is.

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