Editing transcripts – help needed

We only have a small (largely volunteer) team at the moment and it’s taking quite some time to collect all the material coming out of the Convention and put it online. This includes editing the transcripts and making sure they are correct. At the moment we have Lord Bingham and Philip Pullman’s  speeches up and the second plenary session is being taken care of, but we still need the first plenary, Citizens and the State: The Crisis of Liberty, and, Can Liberty Survive the Slump?, edited. The videos for both are already up so if a volunteer fancies giving us a hand by watching the vids and tidying up the transcriptions to make sure they match each other that would be fantastic and much appreciated! If you’d like to do this please drop me an email at guy.aitchisonATmodernliberty.net or leave a comment below to let me know. Thanks!
UPDATE: I’ve had a fantastic response to this request which means that  I think we’ve got all the editing covered for now. There may be more that needs doing as the videos start to come in, in which case I’ll post another request. Thanks everyone!
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