Ekklesia: Convention embodies new kind of politics

Alice Dyke: ┬áThe influential religion and society British think tank – Ekklesia – has announced it believes┬áChristians and people of faith in Britain have a real opportunity to contribute to the public good and to defend the civic freedoms upon which we all rely.

Deliberately commenting ahead of the Convention on Modern Liberty, Ekklesia co-director Simon Barrow said that the event “embodies the new kind of people-driven politics that can emerge as traditional political institutions waver under growing worldwide pressures, and as they are tempted to resort to authoritarian measures.”

Barrows stresses the need for faith groups to resist turning in on themselves and develop “global understandings of citizenship and shared responsibility, rooted in their own specific traditions, which open doors and expose abuses of power”

Ekklesia will be hosting a ‘faiths and freedoms’ session at the Convention tomorrow morning.

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