Ignorance is bliss

In the run up to the Convention, we’re running a series of short blogs from each member of the Convention team. This one is by Miranda Porter who has responsibility for producing the CML Briefings.

Miranda Porter: Ignorance is bliss. This is almost certainly true of the majority of my generation when it comes to the erosion of their own liberties and freedoms, and understandably so.  Consumed with fears of the economy and their waning place in it, my friends know almost nothing of the greater peril that awaits them in the years to come.  Though momentarily gratifying to know more than my friends, it is terrifying in the long run. 

Form 696, the 53 pieces of information necessary to travel and the looming ID card impose a way of life that is alien; one judged, tracked and owned by the Government.  One great maxim of the difference between the ages is that the young don’t know what they have till its gone, never has this been more true.

I am involved in the Convention on Modern Liberty because I want change, like many others, and it is this that is exciting and angry,  and in the rush towards the 28th February,  it is hopeful.


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