Indy leads with Modern Liberty

Alice Dyke: The Independent Newspaper leading article today has stressed the need to protect civil liberties in the UK, and has offered its support for the Convention of Modern Liberty.

Drawing on a report published yesterday by the International Commission of Jurists, which noted that “the international legal order based on respect for human rights is in jeopardy” due to “encroachment on fundamental freedoms”, the Indy condemns the erosion of civil liberties under the all-too-familiar umbrella heading – the ‘terrorist threat’.

The Indy’s underlying argument is simple: in reality terrorists pose a ‘loosely connected international threat of the kind that national policy, however invasive, can never effectively address.’  It is becoming increasingly clear that the encroaching threats to our liberty can be justified in these terms no longer.

The article supports the CoML, offering it as the opportunity to dispell the belief that people care little for their own liberty, and as a stepping stone event in the process toward reclaiming our rights.

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