Recordings of the Cambridge Convention

1. Audio recording of the Parallel Morning Session #2: “Privacy and Digital Communication”

Chair: Rev. Philip Foster

Speakers: Andrew Brown, Jason Clifford, George Danezis, Alexander Hanff

2. Video recording of the Parallel Morning Session

Internet Censorship in the UK: Why, how, and by whom? 

Chair: John Ozimek (The Register) 

Speakers: Sarah Robertson (IWF), Frank Fisher (blogger), Dr. Belinda Brooks-Gordon (Birkbeck), Alex Dymock (Backlash)


3. Video recording of the afternoon debate: This House Believes That Its Civil Liberties Are Under Grave Threat

Proposition Speakers:   David Howarth M.P. (Liberal Democrat), Professor Andrew Gamble (University of Cambridge)

Opposition Speakers:    Bill Rammell M.P. (Labour), Tariq Sadiq (Parliamentary Spokesperson, Labour)

President: Andrew Watson


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