Report from Manchester

There’s an interesting report on the Manchester Convention by Clair Lewis of the Consenting Adult Action Network over at the Heresy Corner blog. According to Clair it was a well attended event with lots of interesting workshops, “lots was learned and lots of networking was done. Myths were busted, old friends reunited, supporters collected and bonds strengthened. Shall we do it again next year? Yes, but let’s inject some energy and passion!”

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Responses to “Report from Manchester”

  1. I attended manchester and was hoping for constuctive proposals to take the issues raised locally and nationally, forward or at least the identifying regional contacts to take things forward with the 100 people who attended. Many suggestions came from the floor but the chair in MR1 pm put down ideas he didnot agree with. Sadly the computer links with London were not connected for 30 mins and we missed some opening addresses; it would also have helped if this campaign had a professional conference style edge to it – to show that it means business! I hope the above comments will be taken constructively as they could sound negative and I do’nt want that.

  2. Tony Holden says:

    I blogged about the Manchester event here.

  3. Dave Page says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Alan. I’m really sorry about the video feeds, and that’s definitely something we need to address for any future event.

    Did you attend the wrap-up after David Davis’ speech? I went over practical steps from all the sessions so people could catch what they missed.

    Each of the organisations had a stall presence out in the foyer area, which had further contact details on. If there’s any way you could think to improve this, I’d welcome suggestions.

    I’d also welcome more advice on having a professional edge! The Manchester Convention was organised with student societies on near-zero budget with a staff of volunteers – hopefully any future event will have more volunteers, and more idea of the challenges which crop up at the last minute!

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