Speaker list finalised

A last minute decision (Wednesday) to add new sessions to accommodate the higher than anticipated demand for tickets led to an urgent search for high-quality speakers who could be available at short notice. Fortunately people responded brilliantly!

With two sessions on Surveillance in Scottish Society, a session on constitutional issues and the democratic deficit, and a session on the liberty of the vulnerable in our society (disability rights, children’s rights, etc.), it should be a fantastic event.

The full list of speakers:

- Patrick Harvie MSP
Co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party and Glasgow MSP

- Prof Mike Nellis
Professor of Community and Criminal Justice, Strathclyde University & Institute for Advance Studies

- John Scott
Human rights lawyer

- Dr Ken Macdonald
Assistant Information Commissioner for Scotland

- Dr William Webster
Senior lecturer in Public Management, Stirling University

- Dr Richard Jones
Lecturer in Criminology, Edinburgh University

- Jo Swinson MP
Liberal Democrat MP for E. Dunbartonshire

- Terry Myers
Unlock Democracy

- Peter Adams
Chairman of UKIP Scotland

- Prof David Miller
Professor of Sociology, Strathclyde University

- Fiona Sinclair
Autism Rights

- Sue Palmer
Author of “Toxic Childhood”

- Dr Geraint Bevan
NO2ID Scotland

Many, many thanks to all the people who have made this happen, particularly Mike, Patricia, Nigel, Jason, all from the Institute for Advanced Studies, and Phil Booth from NO2ID.

We are keeping 60 places free to be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis on the day. Registration starts about 9ish.

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