My Modern Liberty

I am typical of my generation, in that I have become deeply disillusioned by parliamentary politics. Part of what I love so much about the Convention is that it’s extra-parliamentary in nature, while still welcoming Government and party political input.

I think the spirit of true democracy – inclusion and plurality – has become too rare in today’s ego-driven politics. Among so many other things, the Convention is a beginning to heal the fragmented efforts of a huge and diverse range of organisations and individuals ultimately working towards the same goal.

The Convention aspires to this ideal of inclusion and pluralism in a number of ways: by offering discounted tickets, by holding regional and national events in addition to the London one, by hosting speakers from all major parties, and some smaller ones, and by offering an Open Session to include issues and speakers who can’t be accommodated within the main programme.

I’m involved because there is space for me, and indeed anyone who cares about liberty, to be – no matter what party (if any) they affiliate themselves with, no matter what liberty means to them, how they want modern liberty to be shaped, or how they think it is best achieved.

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