The Economist considers the ‘ragtag gang’ and the price of freedom

Alice Dyke: The Economist has today released an article questioning whether civil liberties will be affordable in the recession.  

The article wonders whether the Convention team – “The Ragtag Gang” – has chosen the best time to make a stand on British liberty. ¬†Weighing up the positive and negative effects the recession could have on government policy and our freedom, it offers no easy resolutions about where the current climate will take us. It reads “The credit crunch has shaken the kaleidoscope of British politics“, and as such, we should not rule out the potential opportunities for reclaiming lost civil liberties.

The Convention will be looking to address these issues during its session ‘Can Liberty Survive the Slump?‘, with speakers such as Lib Dem shadow chancellor Vince Cable and political economic commentator Will Hutton.


‘Ragtag gang’

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