UCLSHRP ‘making waves’ in the Guardian

Alice Dyke: The UCL Student Human Rights Programme has been praised by the Guardian Education Section for their report on the erosion of the UK’s civil liberties since 1997, a report commissioned by the Convention’s own Henry Porter.  In a feature article, Harriet Swain has focused on the student-led programme as ‘making waves’, organising popular monthly events, publishing an academic journal (UCL Human Rights Review), monthly bulletins and a ‘comprehensive website‘.

Swain sees the programme as a complimentary element to existing human rights and liberties groups, as well as stressing the particular benefits of a student-based movement.

Jonny Butterworth, UCLSHRP’s President, explains “our over-arching aim is to foster a culture of human rights”, not merely through lawyers but through art, poetry, literature, photography, theatre, dance.  ”It is not just what lawyers talk about. It is something that protects all of us.” 

Jonny Butterworth will be presenting his ‘What we’ve lost’ briefing at the Convention’s session on the role of parliament.

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