Vincent Cable: Latest Contributor Confirmed

Alice Dyke: Vincent Cable MP, Liberal Democrat shadow chancellor and the man relied on to tell the truth about the economy, has confirmed as a speaker for The Convention on Modern Liberty session; ‘Can liberty survive the slump?“  Having been compared to Victor Meldrew for predicting the current recession as far back as 2005, Vincent Cable has increasingly gained in reputation for his sound understanding of the economy.  Alan Duncan, the Tory shadow business secretary, has gone so far to call Mr Cable “the holy grail of economic comment”.  Mr Cable was the first to suggest the nationalisation of Northern Rock, and he was the first to call for an end to short-selling in bank stocks to stop aggressive speculators “betting against the taxpayer”.

He will be a valuable contributor to the event and will no doubt offer an interesting insight into the possible paths and outcomes of the recession on our civil liberties.

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