Voices from the Crowd

Some of you have already seen our video ‘Voices from the Crowd‘. If you haven’t, please do! It is an impressionistic tour of the Convention – an attempt to capture the sights and sounds of the event. What we were most interested in was the public attending; a sort of counterweight to the speeches which have been broadcast elsewhere. But if there are one or two speakers in there as well, hey – they were strolling around the foyers too… We put the video up on Sunday night, and are pleased to say that on Monday YouTube gave us a prize for the 22nd-most viewed reporter video of the day.

This was the birth of a project whose wings are already spreading. Join the Facebook group, send us an email (voicesfromthecrowd@gmail.com), and look out for what we hope will be our own website (if we host ourselves we can hopefully do full justice to Oliver Lamford’s excellent photography – see more of this at www.flickr.com/oliverlamford). We will talk to people at public political events, protests and the like, and put their thoughts and feelings out there for all to see. It is an artistic venture, though: as distinct from fact-based documentary, we want to convey the spirit of these events, the feeling of being there.

Our warm thanks go to Sarah Grun for her super-speedy sound-editing expertise, to Jenner del Vecchio for providing space, software and patient hospitality, and, of course, all our willing interviewees.

We hope to hear from you soon. We’re brewing a few plans for our next instalments, but if you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them…

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