Let’s pressure our politicians – What next? by Ivor Cornish

A response to our question, What next?

Ivor Cornish: Whilst agreeing that there needs to be debate on a constitution I feel that defending civil liberties is now more urgent.

As to ‘what next’ what thoughts are there for a convention before the next election? Pressure on present politicians and future candidates is vital. We all need to write to our M.P.’s as individuals, but perhaps a short list of questions should be drawn up and circulated to all M.P.’s, by Mod.Lib. to see where they stand on civil liberties, on the understanding that this would be noted on the site. Those that do not reply will also be noted. The next stage could be a survey of the candidates for the next parliamentary election. A convention before the election would then become a vehicle to emphasise the need for the electorate to take note where candidates stand on civil liberties when they vote, and to help promote those who have committed themselves to defend these liberties, irrespective of party.

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