You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Good article by Suzanne Moore in the Daily Mail on how the country seems to be finally waking up to the systematic erosion of its most basic rights and freedoms. Suzanne develops some of the interesting points she made at the Liberty and slump session at the Convention and says why she thinks a new movement for freedom can succeed.

The Convention on Modern Liberty brings together Left and Right in a powerful coalition.

Something that has been fairly abstract in people’s minds is being made real. And part of that is surely connected to the economic downturn.

Every day it becomes more clear that where this Government, and indeed the one before it, should have regulated our monstrous financial institutions, they didn’t. 

They gave them freedom. The free market, remember, would save our souls and supposedly our public services.

Now it all looks crazy because instead they over-regulated everywhere else…Freedom is not a theory, it’s a practice. It is precious. 

We don’t need protecting from ourselves. We need protecting from those who would take away our freedom.

The enemies of freedom have shown themselves to be not simply murderous bombers but smiling legislators who know what is best for us.

In the name of keeping us safe, they have imprisoned us. Time to break out.

You can read the full article here, including the very supportive and positive reaction from Mail readers in the comments that follow.

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