Spring: On page 6 of the Spring volume of Survivor’s Poetry, Celia Potterton gives a heartfelt account of the Convention

7 Apr: Philip Hunt gives his thoughts on the Convention and presents a selection of interviews

31 Mar: David Peter warns that a web-based debate on the Great Repeal Bill risks excluding an important consitutency of the population

29 Mar: Steve Baker links to Dominic Grieve’s speech at the first plenary

28 Mar: Anthony Barnett floats the idea of the Convention backing a Great Repeal Bill over at Liberal Conspiracy

27 Mar: Nick Cohen follows up his remarks at the Convention to discuss the Crisis of Journalism

26 Mar: Brian Monteith of the Free Society has written on his reflections on the Convention and discusses the use of the term ‘modern’

24 Mar: Mark Reckons blog has praised the Convention and has discussed the role of David Davis outside of Cabinet

24 Mar: The blogger Shuggy has questioned the ‘right winger’ labelling of the Convention, thinks it ‘isn’t even accurate’, and discusses privacy and liberty in the light of current press coverage

23 Mar: James Graham has written a piece on Michael Wills’ comments at the Convention and the role of the database state and New Labour

23 Mar: The Bickerstaffe Record believes that the Convention has some good people involved but that the overall values are not of the left

23 Mar: Anthony Barnett has written a piece on the Rowntree Trust report on the database state for Open Democracy

22 Mar: Pickled Politics’ Sunny Hundal has drawn attention to an open letter to the Observer explaining why he and others think Nick Cohen is wrong about the Liberal-Left

22 Mar: Hazardous Pioneers Blog has published a link to the Convention video of Phil Booth, No2ID

22 Mar: Social Skeptic thinks Lord Bingham at the Convention expressed excellently the threats to the British way of life

22 Mar: The Menagerie blog has discussed David Davis’ speech and Britain’s move towards Orwell

21 Mar: Liberal Conspiracy’s Sunny Hundal has linked to the video of the bloggers summit

20 Mar: Yala blog thinks sits like the Convention on Modern Liberty and Open democracy “offer a lightening rod to channel outrage”

20 Mar: Belfast to Brussels blog has discussed the Convention’s new sister organisation in France

20 Mar: Ben Goldacre for Bad Science has linked to the blogger’s summit video and discussed his role in it

19 Mar: Never Trust a Hippy Blog approves of Conor Gearty’s attack on the Convention

19 Mar: Henry Porter in his blog has challenged Conor Gearty’s attack on the Convention

19th Mar: The People’s Republic of Mortimer blog has criticised Chuka Umunna’s unconvincing grasp of liberal priorities at the Convention

19 Mar: The Golden Fish blog has published a rough transcript of Brian Eno’s talk along with some interesting comments

19 Mar: Conor Gearty for the New Statesman has called us a ‘A Convention of cant’, and has discussed his problem with the aims and members of the Convention

18 Mar: The Ideal Government Project also recommends Philip Pullman’s speech

18 Mar: Thomas Ash recommends that if you watch one video make it Philip Pullman’s keynote

18 Mar: Dolan Cummins in the Telegraph has discussed Conservative proposals to amend the Policing Bill in terms of liberty and the Convention

18 Mar: Crikey blog has questioned Guy Rundal’s opinion that there is no bigger issue than net censorship

18 Mar: Peak Energy blog has discussed internet censorship and mentions the Convention

17 Mar: Anthony Barnett has responded to David Aaronovich’s thoughts on the Convention in openDemocracy

17 Mar: Henry Porter has written a response to David Aaronovitch’s criticism of those concerned about the loss of liberty in the UK

17 Mar: Little Man in a Toque has discussed Guy Herbert’s suggestion of a ‘constitutional convention’ and the dangers of constitutions

16 Mar: Chris Marsden of the World Socialist website wonders what the the Convention represents?

16 Mar: Green Abby has posted some of the Convention videos and recommends David Davis and Philip Pullman in particular

13 Mar: The 8th Carnival on Modern Liberty is now up for all to see!

12 Mar: Sign of the Times blog has published the transcript of David Davis’ speech in full

12 Mar: Advanced Media Watch has given a belated plug for the Convention

12 Mar: Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing thought Billy Bragg was ‘the real deal’ at the Convention

12 Mar: Michael Cross of the Guardian thinks David Varney was the bravest attendee of the Convention, and discusses what was said

11 Mar: No CCTV have set up a page for those wanting to follow conversation begun at the Bristol Convention

11 Mar: Rhythmaning has been struggling with how to write about the Convention (due to the packed programme) but now has published thorough conclusions on the whole event

10 Mar: Common Endeavour has decided to ‘put forward some more serious arguments, starting with the idea of an “Infrastructure of Oppression“‘

10 Mar: Intute Social Sciences has written an explanation of the basic premise of the Convention

10 Mar: Martin Whitlock for has given his ideas on ‘what’s next?’

10 Mar: Jeremy Fox has written a piece on writing a constitution for the UK in the light of the Convention discussion on the topic

10 Mar: The Seventh ‘Carnival on Modern Liberty’ is now out and is brought to you by Jonathan Calder of Liberal England

10 Mar: Henry Porter has blogged in the Guardian regarding the petition launched by ex senior policeman David Gilbertson on police powers

10 Mar: Sunder Katwala follows on from yesterday’s post by asking ‘how liberal are the Conservatives?’

9 Mar: The Edinburgh Journal discusses the Convention with Helena Kennedy QC and also highlights Jack Straw’s criticism

9 Mar: The Fabian Society Blog, Next Left asks How liberal is Labour?

9 Mar: Keith Kahn-Harris has published his talk from the Convention online, under the heading ‘Jewish perspectives on life and liberty’

8 Mar: The Unofficial Blog of the Libertarian Party UK has given an unusual commentary of the Convention, and thinks he was being followed all day!!!

8 Mar: Flying War Pigs blog has picked apart Jack Straw’s blog on police, crime and justice and responded accordingly

8 Mar: Little Man in a Toque has discussed the Convention, Jack Straw and the Big Brother state

8 Mar: Common Endeavour thinks they weren’t that harsh on the Convention

8 Mar: Prospective Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie discusses speaking at the Bristol leg of the Convention and thinks the meeting was well attended

8 Mar: Little Man in a Toque discredits Jack Straw’s rationale for dismissing the Convention

8 Mar: A letter to the Observer questions whether the Conservatives are willing to support the application of civil liberties and rights beyond the chattering classes

8 Mar: Chuka Umunna has published a letter signed by himself and many other speakers from the Convention on his website

7 Mar: The Guardian editorial thinks that the recent revelations on police monitoring protestors and firms buying data on employees provide a reminder of why the Convention was so timely

7 Mar: James Hammerton has released his third and final article on the Convention for Magna Carta Plus

6 Mar: Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing thinks the session on children’s rights was excellent

6 Mar: Quote Gator thinks having seen David Davis at the Convention that he should have stayed in the cabinet

6 Mar: Michael White in the Guardian thinks that from what he has read, the Convention seemed like a success

6 Mar: The National Secular Society were astonished at people’s enthusiasm for secularist ideas shown at their Convention stall

6 Mar: Robert Sharp has discussed the Convention and asks How do we explain the populist case against civil liberties?’

5 Mar: Jailhouse lawyer’s blog has reproduced Henry Porter’s article on rights vs liberties in full

5 Mar: Progressive Mind II thinks the Convention represents the beginning of a fightback

5 Mar: Excellent new photos of the event have been added by Mike Goldwater on flickr, including many of members of the crowd!  See if you can find yourself in them….

5 Mar: Peter Wilby of the New Statesman wonders if the Convention isn’t casting its net a little too widely

5 Mar: John Harris thinks the Convention is a good example of the form by which we can push politics into the present

5 Mar: James Hall, Chief Executive of Identity and Passport Service, claims that the Convention’s polling statistics on ID cards are inaccurate and that ID cards are already a reality

5 Mar: Henry Porter has discussed the row about the Human Rights Act in his Guardian blog

5 Mar: Pat the Chooks has discussed the case for a Bill of Rights in response to Marcel Berlins in Monday’s Guardian

5 Mar: The Yalobusha Review thinks Phillip Pullman’s address was erudite and inspirational on the morality of a nation or individual

5 Mar: Jack Straw continues his assault on the Convention in his constituency blog

4 Mar: The Irish News’ Brian Feeney thinks Civil Liberties campaigners should have spoken up a long time ago

4 Mar: Tom Griffin has written a blog on his thoughts on the Liberty, Sovereignty and Republicanism session

4 Mar: Charon QC discusses the organisation Liberty’s role in the Convention

4 Mar: Natasa Mavronicola of UCLSHRP has provided a comprehensive overview of her experience of the Convention

4 Mar: The Wardman Wire uses his experience of the Convention to ask Can we use Twitter to break the Political-Nerd Ghetto?”

4 Mar: Robert Sharp thinks there was not enough discussion on how to address specific crimes that may be committed

4 Mar: Tony Curzon Price thinks the Convention started the national conversation that Labour promised but never delivered

4 Mar: Cafe Babel London thinks that although the cause was worthy and the timing impeccable, the Convention failed on several counts

4 Mar: Unlock Democracy have published an article on ‘What’s next’ for modern liberty, and suggest ideas for what you can do to help

3 Mar: Magna Carta Plus News has provided coverage of the Glasgow surveillance session

3 Mar: Ally Fogg reports from the Manchester Convention debates on ’sex and drugs’, and the need for evidence-based policy

3 Mar: Henry Porter’s debate on the Simon Mayo show on BBC Radio 5-live can be listened to now online!  It starts about 30 minutes before the end

3 Mar: James Lawson of the Adam Smith Institute thinks there should have been more of a mention on economic freedoms

3 Mar: Ruscombe Green promises to upload some reports on the Convention soon

3 Mar: Touchstone blog thinks the Convention was clearly a success, given the amount of blogging on it

3 Mar: Vaughn Jones for Ekklesia thinks Humanity and Justice is ‘modern liberty’ for christians

3 Mar: Homo Veritas thinks the Convention is a pressure group of controlled opposition designed to keep the public quiet for as long as it takes to usher in the post democratic era’

3 Mar: Alix Mortimer for the Guardian explains why she hopes there won’t be another Convention – because we won’t need one!

3 Mar: Rights and liberties require collective protection, argues Nigel on the TUC blog

3 Mar: The Melangerie wants to keep liberty free from politics, and has considered a few of the pledges made in the light of this

3 Mar: Adam Bowie has produced a comprehensive diary of his day at the Convention

3 Mar: Rhythmaning thinks the most important thing to happen now is to stop Clause 152

3 Mar: shares Chris Huhne’s desire for a British Constitution

3 Mar: The Bickerstaffe Report blogger did not realise that the Convention cost £35 a ticket

3 Mar: Henry Porter has described the Convention event as impressive in its lack of cynicism – the Modern British at their very best’

3 Mar: Sunny Hundal for The Liberal Conspiracy agrees with the part of Chris Huhne’s speech discussing the importance of a European Human Rights Act

3 Mar: The Centre for Policy Studies has blogged on the Convention and their thoughts on ‘transformational government’

2 Mar: Richard’s Kingdom has issued a call to action discussing the Convention

2 Mar: Tim Black for Spiked! has offered his thoughts on the Convention and asked some important questions

2 Mar: Many comments and letters have been sent to the Daily Mail in response to Suzanne Moore’s piece on the Convention

2 Mar: Marcel Berlins for the Guardian thinks the underlying theme lurking throughout the question was whether Britain needs a new constitution or bill of rights to curb government excesses

2 Mar: Michael Gove explains his “antipathy to barristerial cant was one of the reasons why I wasn’t at the otherwise admirable Convention on Modern Liberty at the weekend”

2 Mar: Andrew Sparrow likes Alix Mortimer’s liveblog from the Convention

2 Mar: Kirsty Walker for the Mail heralds the Convention as the campaign beginning a fightback against the Big Brother state

2 Mar: Suzanne Moore for the Mail has discussed what pushed her into the civil liberties agenda and why she got involved with the Convention

2 Mar: Melanie Phillips in the Mail has called the Convention ‘often hysterical’, blames the Human Rights Act for curtailing our freedom and thinks complaints about misuse of anti-terror laws are a bit rich

2 Mar: Paul Kingsnorth has written an article on Saturday’s panel on English liberty and the debate around the Left and the case for an English parliament

2 Mar: Julie Tomlin has discussed the session ‘Who Rules? Is there a media-political class?’ and the idea that journalists can  become too much of a player

2 Mar: Rosalie Marshall for thinks the Convention is evidence of growing protest towards government surveillance

2 Mar: A National Conversation for England blog thinks the essential question is whether it is necessary to talk about and fight for English freedoms?

2 Mar: Tony’s Blog talks about using twitter and blogging live at the Convention

2 Mar: Martin Bright expresses his disappointment at missing the Convention in the Spectator

2 Mar: Penwig discusses Section 152 of the Coroners and Justice Bill in the light of the discussion at the Convention

2 Mar: SpyBlog gives an overview of the Convention and questions what happens next

2 Mar: Pat the Chooks has linked to some of the Convention’s videos

2 Mar: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the Independent has debated her title why Muslims will not fight for freedom

2 Mar: Pickles Politics has asked where were all the Muslims at the Convention, and expresses disappointment about the lack of ‘brown people’ attending

2 Mar: Robert McCrum has asked, in the Guardian, where all the contemporary novels about liberty are, and questioned the treatment of the English literary tradition at the Convention

2 Mar: The Citizenship Foundation blog thinks the lack of consensus on deeply contentious issues matters a great deal

2 Mar: James Graham discusses the difficulty of getting people to pledge’ action at the Convention

2 Mar: BillBlog has written about the digital politics of the Convention

2 Mar: Free Gary McKinnon blog mentions Chris Huhne MP’s discussion of the Liberal Democrat Freedom Bill at the Convention

2 Mar: Datonomy thinks the Convention was busy, well organised yet good humoured

2 Mar: Oedipus Lex has written ’some musings’ on the Convention and particularly liked Keith Ewing’s speech in the ‘Judges and Politicians’ session

2 Mar: Alan Craig of the Christian People’s Alliance would have given his right arm to have had a ticket to the event

2 Mar: The New Humanist has asked and debated whether the Convention is the beginning of a movement?

2 Mar: The Clockwork Chartophylax praises Philip Pullman’s article for the Convention on Britain’s sleepwalk towards tyranny

2 Mar: John Naughton thinks the Convention was one of the most hopeful developments in years

2 Mar: Slugger O’Toole thinks the Convention failed to merge regional concerns with the metropolitan

2 Mar: Robert Sharp has published a list of his favourite quotes from the Convention

2 Mar: The Press Gazette has discussed Dame Liz Forgan’s idea the journalists should ’swap patches’ every so often

1 Mar: The Wardman Wire has published the first of three blogs on the role of Twitter within the Convention

1 Mar: Notes from the ubiquitous surveillance society blog thinks Saturday’s event was merely the beginning of the Convention

1 Mar: Bill Thompson for the BBC has discussed Charter 88, the Convention’s use of technology and the self-documenting nature

1 Mar: Phreadz website has provided links to all the Convention videos

1 Mar: Henry Porter celebrates the Convention and condemns Jack Straw as without shame, a disgrace to his office and parliament

1 Mar: Ikoz blog has posted links to the Convention videos

1 Mar: Canada’s Western Standard reported on the Convention and the ‘broad agenda’

1 Mar: Liberal Conspiracy wonders why the Times Philip Pullman article is no longer avaliable online

1 Mar: The Bickerstaffe Record believes many of the people behind the Convention have good noble intentions, however expresses doubts about the overall validity of the Convention

1 Mar: Sweet and Tender hooligan has hope that the Convention will achieve something

1 Mar: Entangled Alliances blog has identified their key moments of the day

1 Mar: James Hammerton has published a review of the Glasgow leg of the Convention

1 Mar: nb Warrior thinks the coverage of the Convention will have brought these issues to a wider audience

1 Mar: Abul Taher of the Times has written a piece on Pullman’s article and speech at the convention itself

1 Mar: No2ID thinks ’something is changing in the hearts and the minds of our country’

1 Mar: Charon QC has produced a podcast report on the Convention

1 Mar: Simon Barrow of Ekklesia thinks faith needs a freedom agenda and discusses the idea in the light of the Convention

28 Feb: A.C. Grayling thinks that safeguarding Britain’s security does not justify the totalising ambition of the government’s data schemes

28 Feb: Douglas Carswell has blogged his experiences of speaking at the ‘Protecting Rights’ session

28 Feb: Rory Bremner has written a piece in the Independent encouraging people to act now to save their civil liberties

28 Feb: Ros Taylor in the Guardian thinks the Convention showed that the British public are more than ready to defend their freedoms’

28 Feb: After leaving the Convention Rachel from North London talked and blogged on the topic ‘Why we lost the argument on liberty vs. security’

28 Feb: Amnesty UK blog has discussed the ‘Boundaries of Freedom of Peaceful Assembly’ in the light of the Belfast Convention

28 Feb: Cheryl’s Mewsings thinks you should read the whole of Philip Pullman’s speech

28 Feb: The People’s Republic of Mortimer has live-blogged their experiences of the day from start to end

28 Feb: Iain Dale has blogged his thoughts on the ‘Conservatives and Civil Liberties’ session immediately after having finished chairing it

28 Feb: Simon Barrow of Ekklesia has discussed his thoughts on the ‘Faiths and Freedoms’ session

28 Feb: Nesrine Malik has written a detailed analysis of the Xenophobia session in the Guardian’s comment is free

28 Feb: Aidan Geary weighs up the alternatives to the database state in light of the Convention

28 Feb: Sunny Hundal in the Guardian has ideas on how people angry about the loss of civil liberties can do something about the situation

28 Feb: BBC News has quoted David Davis and reported on the Convention

28 Feb: The Sun has discussed Moazamm Begg’s comments at the Convention’s session on Torture

28 Feb: The Economist thinks the Convention had an impressive turnout, and that the Tories are on course for a big bust up over the civil liberties agenda

28 Feb: The Guardian has published Philip Pullman’s plenary address in full on the website – with the title taken from the last line ‘we are a better people than the government believes we are’

28 Feb: has asked whether the Convention and civil liberties can have an impact

28 Feb: BMH UK sees the Convention as a wake-up call to Britain

28 Feb: Chuka Umunna has drawn attention to the fact he will be speaking at the Convention on his website

28 Feb: The Sixth Carnival on Modern Liberty has launched

28 Feb: Faith in society blog discusses Shami Chakrabarti’s comments on need for a new discourse on ‘fundamental human rights for all human beings’

28 Feb: Sunder Katwala has written a piece on party politics and the Convention for the Next Left, and thinks the Tories need to do more to refute the charge of opportunism

28 Feb: Stuart White is glad that Compass and the Fabians will be participating in the event, and thinks that anyone taking the idea of reorienting the left around a democratic republican philosophy must give the Convention full support

28 Feb: Cambridge Universities Labour Club Blog thinks the civil liberties bandwagon is ‘a way for middle-class, white, straight people to feel oppressed and discriminated against’

28 Feb: Gary William Murning Online gave a plug for the Convention

28 Feb: The Daily Referendum invites people to join the Convention and proposes three questions to be addressed

28 Feb: Old Holborn is off to pick a fight with Tariq Sadiq at the Cambridge Liberty Convention

28 Feb: The Daily (Maybe) questions the Tories – whilst some are attending the Convention others are discussing ‘mobile jails’

28 Feb: Entering the Networked World has blogged on the Convention and thinks learning from other country’s experiences will be useful

27 Feb: Bitter Wallet blogger thinks Philip Pullman’s article eloquently expresses his own feelings

27 Feb: Cory Doctorow thinks that those impatient for action must address the issues in an open-minded way with an accessible public debate

27 Feb: Boing boing has linked to the Pullman article Malevolent voices that despise our freedoms

27 Feb: Shades of grey thinks the Convention’s ‘Abolition of Freedom Act’ makes for sober reading

27 Feb: Daily Kos thinks the Convention will address what it means to be free in a modern technological state

27 Feb: Jason Kuznicki wonders where the link to the Philip Pullman article on the Times website has gone?

27 Feb: Amnesty UK has linked to the UCLSHRP ‘What we’ve lost’ document

27 Feb: Entering the Networked World blog thinks the Convention is important to those in the U.S to be aware of what works in terms of surveillance

27 Feb: Simon Clarke for Taking Liberties is reserving judgement until he can identify the Convention’s objectives

27 Feb: Magna Carta Plus News hopes the Convention will mark a turning point

27 Feb: Of course, I could be wrong speaks of the Abolition of Freedom Act

27 Feb: 4th Republic of the United States of America lists the Convention

27 Feb: Our illustrious Guy Aitchison video is posted on Barrister Blog

27 Feb: The Convention is mentioned on Slinging Ink

27 Feb: Bestforwales announces the MEP Jill Evans will speak at the Cardiff leg of the Convention tomorrow

27 Feb: The Information Portal for the Public Sector has drawn attention to the Jack Straw’s plans to redraft the Coroners and Justice Bill

27 Feb: The First Post’s story on the Convention has been picked up by in the U.S

27 Feb: Christina Zaba talks about a conversation with No2ID volunteer steward, Geoff Cox

27 Feb: The ‘what we’ve lost’ research briefing has been publicised by

27 Feb: has today highlighted the Lib Dem’s Freedom Bill and the Convention

27 Feb: The Right Honourable Earl of Stirling supports the Convention and links to it in his blog

27 Feb: Philip Pullman has written a fantastic piece in The Times

27 Feb: The Convention has sparked a response by Jack Straw in today’s Guardian

26 Feb: The Freedom Association has considered David Davis’ video and the discussion of liberty

26 Feb: Design with Intent thinks we have reached a tipping point and that the Convention will help raise awareness

26 Feb: The First Post covers the convention again in its Newsdesk section

26 Feb: The Economist has joined the debate on whether civil liberties can survive the recession

26 Feb: believes the Convention will be the first opportunity to build a ‘genuine coalition’ on the issue of civil liberties

26 Feb: The Convention gains international coverage in The Huffington Post

26 Feb: The Convention is now listed on

26 Feb: Jamie Malanowski agrees it is time to make a stand and salutes the Convention in The First Post

26 Feb: Mary Riddell argues in the Telegraph that recession is no excuse for eroding our liberties

26 Feb: Andrew Gilligan of the Evening Standard thinks the Convention will help resist Big Brother Britain

25 Feb: Paul Feldman thinks the Convention is a stark reminder of the range of rights that have disappeared or been subverted

25 Feb: No2ID thinks that Manchester is hungry for a civil liberties discussion

25 Feb: Spyblog considers the press coverage the Convention has attracted

25 Feb: Olly’s Onions has mentioned and linked to the Convention again

25 Feb: Computer Weekly thinks the Convention is one of the most important civil liberties events of this – or any other – year

25 Feb: Evan thinks civil liberties are crucial and will be attending the Cardiff leg of the Convention

25 Feb: World to Win blog think the Convention’s research paper is a stark reminder of the range of rights that have disappeared or been subverted

25 Feb: Liberal Burblings thinks the Tories are hypocrites for backing out on their commitment to the Convention

25 Feb: Spyblog has published a list of useful things to do and bring to the Convention

25 Feb: Queens University Belfast has announced its coverage of, and support for, the Convention

25 Feb: Olli in Munich hopes the Convention will have an impact, although worries that the government is too arrogant

24 Feb: The Guardian’s Education supplement runs a piece on the UCL Student Human Rights Programme, and their involvement in the Convention

24 Feb: promotes the Convention, with comments from Anthony Barnett and Guy Aitchison

24 Feb: Flesh is Grass will be attending the Convention and wants it to address the threat to liberty alongside the threat of terrorism

24 Feb: Paul Sims blogs about his support for the Convention on

24 Feb: thinks the organisations involved in the Convention will help to prevent liberties be eroded by stealth

24 Feb: ippi mail discusses the increasing number of the organisation Liberty’s ‘new friends’

23 Feb: Councillor Neil Harrison’s Cotham Blog thinks the Convention is a really clever idea

23 Feb: David W. Boles Panopticonic has written an interesting blog post on the Convention

23 Feb: Pub philosopher is disappointed to be unable to attend, and thinks the Convention should have a ‘freedom of expression’ session

23 Feb: Anglo Noel Natter has linked to the Convention as interesting commentary

23 Feb: Paul Evans wonders whether the Convention addresses far more of the symptoms that our liberal democracy exhibits than the actual diseases that it suffers from’

22 Feb: The Scottish Roundup blog has promoted the Glasgow leg of the Convention

22 Feb: Helena Kennedy appears as a guest on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC 1

22 Feb: The Observer has called the Convention team The new freedom fighters

21 Feb: Rachel from North London is excited about the event and recommends it as an opportunity to get involved

21 Feb: Scunnert Nation says say no to surveillance by supporting the Convention

21 Feb: The Mail has used a Convention statistic that there are 56 powers that compromise individual liberty

21 Feb: Matt Wardman says that if you are worried about the loss of liberty in British society, take a look at the Convention website

21 Feb: Sign of the Times thinks the ‘What we’ve lost’ document reveals the full extent of Labour’s curbs on civil liberties

20 Feb: Brian Eno warns in The Independent that our freedoms are being ‘chipped away by a paranoiac government’

20 Feb: Sunny Hundal has announced an all-star line up for the Convention’s lunchtime event

20 Feb: MKP Davies has published a link to the ‘Abolition of Freedom Act’

20 Feb: Ian Dunt has called the UCL Student Human Rights Programme publication The first extensive audit of the loss of civil liberties in the UK

20 Feb: The fifth Carnival on Modern Liberty – The Wardman wire edition – is now up

20 Feb: The London Met student union has launched its own CoML page and hopes to convene a student summit

20 Feb: The Mobbsy blogger intends to attend the Cambridge Convention

20 Feb: Fat Man on a Keyboard recommends the Convention address new restrictions on pies

20 Feb: The Convention’s database state figure is used in this Times article

20 Feb: Philip Hunt hopes the Convention will find out how to address the violation of rights in a concrete form

20 Feb: Afua Hirsch for The Guardian has discussed the Convention press conference and David Davis’ comments

20 Feb: The Independent dedicates a whole page to the Convention, the What we’ve lost’ report and provides quotes from the Convention team

19 Feb: The Convention gets a mention in this piece in The Spectator

19 Feb: The Sound of Gunfire blogger won’t be attending the Convention but encourages those who can help to take part

19 Feb: Rosalind Ryan mentions the Convention launch in the Guardian

19 Feb: The Convention team has confirmed it will now be watchable LIVE via webcast thanks to Global MIX

19 Feb: Tim Waygood confirms his attendance at the Convention

19 Feb: The Telegraph reports on civil liberties, Stella Rimington, and mentions the Convention

19 Feb: The Information Portal for the Public Sector have discussed the Convention’s £34 billion statistic

19 Feb: Timothy Garton-Ash of the Guardian has written a feature piece on UK civil liberties and the importance of the Convention

19 Feb: PJC Journal was excited about the cross-party nature of the Convention but now is unsure about certain key speakers

19 Feb: Make my vote count has promoted the Convention

19 Feb: Old Holborn has announced he will be attending the Convention

19 Feb: The NO2ID newsletter promotes the Convention’s events all around the country

19 Feb: Insitelaw magazine has used the Convention’s £34 Billion statistic on the database state

19 Feb: The Evening Standard publicises the Convention’s groundbreaking What we’ve lost research paper

18 Feb: The CEP news blog is hosting a discussion on the convention.

18 Feb: Charon QC posted a link to the Convention and wrote definitely worth a look

18 Feb: Prisoner Support Bristol ABC believes the Convention will provide important details on the curtailing of our liberty

18 Feb: The War in Context blog has drawn attention to the Times article

18 Feb: The Bickerstaffe Record mentioned the Convention ’shindig’

18 Feb: James Graham questions the real reasons behind the backlash against the Convention

18 Feb: Red Pepper have published Stuart Weir’s article on the Convention, civil rights and engagement

18 Feb: The Comment Factory released a video of Tony Benn discussing the history and significance of civil liberties

18 Feb: Gareth Young of the Campaign for an English Parliament has explained why they support the Convention’s aims

18 Feb: Spyblog also mentioned the Convention’s £34 billion figures on NHS Spine and the ID card register

18 Feb: The Times has published a feature article using the Convention’s figures on the cost of a database state

18 Feb: Brian Eno interviewed by BBC 5 Live Breakfast about the cost of the database state and the Convention

17 Feb: Steve Baker provides a list of useful links, and explains why he will be attending the Convention

17 Feb: Penwing is attending the Manchester Convention, and urges his readers to do the same

17 Feb: Rob Dickins of FallyRag discusses the Convention alongside freedom of choice

17 Feb: Andrew Adams supports the aims of the Convention

17 Feb: The UK liberty blog wants a few points of agreement between all involved before the Convention

17 Feb: David Semple advocates the need for an activist response to the issue of civil liberties to counter opportunism

17 Feb: The Independent’s leading article stresses the Convention as an opportunity for individuals to speak up for their rights

17 Feb: Paul Kingsnorth thinks the Convention promises to be a pretty useful day

16 Feb: Donpaskini thinks civil liberty campaigns cannot survive with any Tories on board

16 Feb: Philip Johnston mentions the Convention in his column

15 Feb: Ron Broxted thinks the 28th Feb, the date of the Convention, is the most important date in his calendar

14 Feb: The blogger Their Contempt for you is total will be bringing his housemate to the Convention

14 Feb: Jimbo Grumbles calls for the Convention to be a turning point after 10 years of New Labour

13 Feb: The Yorkshire Gob provides a list of useful links for the Carnival on Modern Liberty

13 Feb: Liberal Conspiracy ask people to nominate those who should speak at the bloggers summit?

13 Feb: Leegarland’s Posterous encourages people to get involved in the Convention

12 Feb: Portia Barnett-Herrin discusses the Convention’s videos

12 Feb: Martin in the Margins offers his support for the Convention but questioned the threat of ‘financial breakdown’

11 Feb: The Convention of Modern Liberty Manchester issues a press release

9 Feb: Iain Dale comes to the defence of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown who has recounts a terrifying encounter with the police to liberty central

9 Feb: Tony Kennick is wondering which sessions to go to – can you help?

9 Feb: Glyn Moody hopes the Convention will be the beginning of change

8 Feb: The Oxford Libertarian Society like the Dominic Raab video

8 Feb: Frontier Psychiatrist mentioned the Convention in his blog ‘Privacy is not a crime’

8 Feb: NO21D Birmingham stress the importance of the Convention

5 Feb: Your Coleridge Conservative Action Team encourage people to attend the Cambridge Convention

5 Feb: They’re joking? is reassured that it’s not all lefties at the Convention

5 Feb: The Coleridge Conservative Action Team blogs the Cambridge arm of the Convention

4 Feb: Sabine McNeill praises the Convention as ‘a remarkable initiative by remarkable people’

4 Feb: The Freedom Association are the latest partners of the Convention

4 Feb: The British Journal of Photography blog picks up Mark Thomas’s piece in liberty central

4 Feb: Tania Mason writes on the aims of the Convention in Charity Finance

3 Feb: Jeremy Fox speaks of the growing gap between Parliament and Government and the electorate

2 Feb: Unity introduces a new initiative, FactCheckUK, on Liberal Conspiracy

2 Feb: The Convention will remind our politcians who rules says Michael Hirsh

2 Feb: Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty NI, organiser of the Belfast Convention, on the important questions the Convention will ask

2 Feb: Erin McElhinney covers the Glasgow Convention for Scottish cultural mag the Skinny

31 Jan: David Mery blogs the Convention over at calm, almost too calm

30 Jan: CEP’s Oxfordshire blog welcomes the campaign’s involvement in the Convention

30 Jan: Sunny Hundal blogs the Convention on Pickled Politics

Feb-Mar: Modern Liberty by Stuart Weir, Red Pepper (not yet online)

28 Jan: Cosmodaddy will be attending

26 Jan: Tony Benn on why liberty isn’t an issue of left and right

25 Jan: The New Humanist blog directs its readers to the blog carnival on Modern Liberty

24 Jan: Stephen Taylor on why ‘Transformational Government’ is like the Queen in Aliens

23 Jan: Pub Philosopher is gutted he’ll miss the Convention but wonders why there’s not more on free speech

22 Jan: The fight for liberty is about to step up a gear in 2009, according to Shami Chakrabarti on Comment is free

22 Jan: Georgina Henry launches the Guardian’s fantastic new site dedicated to civil liberties, Liberty Central

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21 Jan: Bernard Salmon thinks the blog carnival is a fantastic idea

21 Jan: Writing in the Telegraph, Mary Riddell says the Convention stands for exactly the values Brown should aim to inspire us with

21 Jan: Simon Barrow of Ekklesia says ‘is its recognition of the vital role of civil society groups, and of democracy as a participatory and dialogic process’

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19 Jan: Camdenkiwi is coming to the Convention and hopes the Convention will lead to action

19 Jan: Simon Carr in The Independent suggests that the Convention issues are ’still a bit airy’. In a series of comments below the article, David Moss corrects him

19 Jan: The Daily (Maybe) reckons bloggers should get involved in the recently launched Carnival of Modern Liberty

19 Jan: Rob Sharp reckons the CML is a ripe subject for a “Documentary-Plus-Remix”, along the lines Clay Shirky has described

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18 Jan: worldsfirst fascistdemocracy calls on all who care about liberty and democracy to support CML

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18 Jan: Brian Walker calls the Convnetion a “great first strike” against the database state on Slugger

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18Jan: Sunny Hundal blogs Henry’s call to arms with Anthony Barnett getting involved in the comments

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16 Jan: Open hopes the Convention can help stop the techno-surveillance state

16 Jan: William Heath on the appointment of the new Information Commissioner, Chris Graham

15 Jan: The Independent hails the Coroners and Justice Bill as ‘the greatest threat to civil rights for decades’ and cites the Convention as a call to arms to combat it

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12 Jan: Tony Kinnick wants the Convention to look at free speech and the UK’s unfair libel laws

10 Jan: Make your placards now says Cockspiracy

9 Jan: On TechCrunch Mike Butcher warns that government plans to retain email data and rate online content will cost too much, destroy business, liberty and must be stopped

6 Jan: Andrew Hickey weighs up whether to go to the Manchester event or head south to London

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3 Jan: James Hammerton welcomes the Convention on his blog

2 Jan: Great post by James Graham on Quaequam urging his readers to get behind the Convention

2 Jan: Cif editor Matt Seaton announces the launch of their new civil liberties site to coincide with CML

31 Dec: The NUJ Brussels blog says states should justify their interference with privacy – not vice versa

25 Dec: Henry reflects on what we in Britain can learn from Vaclav Havel over at Cif

24 Dec: Convention Advisor Christina Zaba on Ken Macdonald’s criticism of the government’s data retention plans

23 Dec: David Erdos on OK welcomes the Convention but wants more focus on the EU and data protection

22 Dec: dsdntDICTION catalogues recent laws that threaten freedom and welcomes the cross-party nature of CML

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9 Dec: The Damian Green affair raises serious worries about the police, says Henry Porter in the Observer

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28 Nov: Anthony blogs the police’s lost faith in parliamentary democracy

27 Nov: idealgovernment likes the ID-themed Pet Shop Boys video in our More to Watch.

25 Nov: Toque hopes CML can be part of a wider challenge to authoritarian “British nationalism”

25 Nov: A hasty reaction to CML from Never Trust a Hippy who dubs it a ‘crude movement of liberty fetishists – hm let’s hope that’s not a name that sticks!

11 Nov: Clare blogs an alarming map showing civil liberties abuses across the country

3 Nov: Clare Coatman on the launch of the Taking Liberties exhibition at the British Library

22 Oct: Welcoming Henry Porter’s new Guardian blog, Anthony signals the coming debate

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