Keynote Speeches

Shami Chakrabarti

Philip Pullman

David Davis MP


First Plenary – Citizens and the State: The Crisis of Liberty

Second Plenary: How do we Secure Modern Liberty?

Evening Plenary

Morning Sessions

Judges and Politicians – who should decide?

Lord Bingham at the Judges and politicians session

Human rights and global responses

Business gets personal – can privacy have a future?

Faiths and freedoms

The Conservatives and civil liberties

Press freedom

The Police

The English tradition of liberty and the national question


Democracy and liberty

Freedom and working people

Liberty and the National Question


Bloggers Summit

Afternoon Sessions

The database state

Why can’t Parliament protect our liberties against the executive?

How do we stop rights and freedoms being a political football?

The Left and liberty

Liberty, sovereignty and republicanism

Torture and the decline in fundamental human rights standards

Are human rights universal or a privilege of citizenship?

Love and liberty

Who rules: is there a media-political class?

Child’s play? Equality and young people

Can liberty survive the slump?


Afternoon session, 14:15

Politicians Panel Discussion
Chair, Andew Charlesworth (Bristol University)
Stephen Williams MP (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr. Dr. Mark Wright (Liberal Democrat)
Nick Foster (Green Party)
Molly Scott Cato (Green Party, declines to appear on this film)
Zehra Zaidi (Conservative MEP candidate)
Charlotte Leslie (Conservative)


1. Video recording of the Parallel Morning Session

Internet Censorship in the UK: Why, how, and by whom?

Chair: John Ozimek (The Register)

Speakers: Sarah Robertson (IWF), Frank Fisher (blogger), Dr. Belinda Brooks-Gordon (Birkbeck), Alex Dymock (Backlash)

2. Video recording of the afternoon debate

This House Believes That Its Civil Liberties Are Under Grave Threat

Proposition Speakers: David Howarth M.P. (Liberal Democrat), ProfessorAndrew Gamble (University of Cambridge)

Opposition Speakers: Bill Rammell M.P. (Labour), Tariq Sadiq (Parliamentary Spokesperson, Labour)

President: Andrew Watson


Cardiff Discussion: Human Rights, Democracy and Governance
You can see video recordings of the following speakers here:
Christopher Rees, Jenny Willott MP, Simon Hoare, Dr Peter Sutch, Jill Evans MEP, Nick Ramsay AM, Evan Price, Kirsty Williams AM, Dr Peri Roberts, Robert Buckland, Dr Urfan Khaliq, Chris Myant, John Osmond (IWA) and Professor Bertrand G Ramcharan.

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