9. Xenophobia

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Some advocates of the database state and counter-terror agenda exploit xenophobia and fear of foreigners while there are also strong pressures to restrict legislative human rights protections to UK citizens only. In the past racism was indiscriminate, targeting entire ethnic groups or skin colours. Today it can take more insidious forms, identifying groups and individuals while nonetheless drawing upon the old wellspring of prejudice. What can be done to ensure that fundamental rights and freedoms are extended to Muslims and other minorities while they too embrace the principles of human rights that are part of modern liberty?


Chair:  Khadija Ali (Nominated for the Equalities and Human Rights Commission Muslim Women Power List 2009)
Speakers:  Tufyal Choudhury (Durham Law School)
  Stuart Wilks-Heeg (University of Liverpool)
  Robin Knowles QC (South Square Chambers)
  Edie Friedman (Director, Jewish Council for Racial Equality)
  Ifath Nawaz (President, Association of Muslim Lawyers)