Student Summit

Session info:

What issues should be at the centre of university activism and how can a national dialogue be established?

The student summit is a call to students groups across the country to meet up, discuss tactics and collaborate on pro-civil liberties campaigning.

The summit takes the form of a brief and informal lunchtime session. It will encourage fresh ideas and cooperation amongst the UK’s many student societies on campaign tools and issues. The aim is to support radical thinking, fresh research, networked actions and democratic imagination.

Regional and national sites will be able to contribute to the discussion which will be facilitated by a well known guest speaker. Attendees will also be provided with the contact details and the interests of other student groups with the aim of creating a collaborative web resource that pools student resources across the UK as a springboard for future campaigning.

Phil Booth, national co-ordinator of NO2ID, will be giving a brief talk.