Video Convention

This is the website of a Convention with a difference. We want to start an argument that leads to action, for which there is no time like the present. So we are asking people involved to tell us why – and to let as many as possible know, through the medium of video. Join us. We invite you to post your own video responses to YouTube. Here are the first ones. This is an experiment in using freedom to secure it and share it. Help us learn how this can be done.

Convention co-director Anthony Barnett says how he got involved. Convention co-director Henry Porter calls on everyone to join in.
Helena Kennedy QC warns us about what’s going on – and she knows! Daily Mail journalist Peter Oborne is very worried indeed and says why.
Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty sends out an alert to defend human rights. Brian Eno thinks ahead, need one say more?
Anthony Grayling, the Professor steps out the lecture room. We have been warned. ‘The Assault on Liberty’ is Dominic Raab’s new book. I’m a Tory, he says, who’ll stop it.
Afua Hirsch, the Guardian’s new legal editor says rights are not legal – they are what you hope. Tony Benn looks back and says how they are trying to beat us and what we need to do to beat them.
A medley of prominent figures on Modern Liberty. Christina Zaba, writer for the Guardian and Bristol chair of the National Union of Journalists, on the National Identity Scheme.
Jo Glanville, of Index on Censorship, talks about the delicate nature of Free Speech, and it’s paramount necessity. Adnan Saddiqui is both a GP and the director of Cageprisoners; he talks about the malign effects of fear, not only on his patients but also on society and liberty.
The Convention’s Deputy Director explains what we’re trying to do. The Conservative MP talks about the many symptoms of an overweening state, his own arrest included.
Michael Wills, a minister at the Ministry of Justice, argues that the distribution of power is the key to a healthy society. Phil Booth of NO2ID
David Davis, MP Riz Ahmed, actor and musician