Post A Video

A Call for Contributions…

Video sharing sites such as YouTube are a powerful tool in the fight to preserve our liberties. They can expose corruption and wrong-doing, and give a voice to those who have no other means to broadcast their thoughts.

This page links to the ModernLiberty YouTube account, where we are posting regular videos from the convention organisers and speakers, explaining why they have been motivated to act. We are also bookmarking our favourite videos: those which present powerful arguments in support of our cause, or show individuals fighting to protect liberties in their local area.

Upload your own response

Why not upload your own thoughts and actions to YouTube, and post them as a “response” to one of our speakers? This will allow us to post the most original to the site, play some at the Convention itself, and cut in segments from the best of them as part of a Convention Documentary we are planning.

Share the videos

Alternatively, you can share our videos with your own social network. You can subscribe to ModernLiberty channel, add a video as one of your ‘favourites’, or post them to popular social networking sites like Facebook (yes, we’re on facebook too!)