Questions We’re Asked

The personal questions the government wants us to answer

The Convention on Modern Liberty Research Team Briefing paper 5
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A grim future of form filling and bureaucracy is the one that the government plans for us all. In just four new forms –the application form for the National ID Card, the controversial 696 form for promoters of live events in London, Form 27 issued as a dispersal notice and the form for all travellers leaving Britain – there are 153 questions to be answered. The organisers of the Convention on Modern Liberty believe that these questions not only symbolize a new era of intrusiveness but they represent a huge waste of time, which will cost hundreds of thousands of man hours.

“It is classic mark of authoritarian regimes to make life difficult for the ordinary citizen and fill his time with needless bureaucracy,” said Convention co-director Henry Porter. ‘ We hold that all these forms are unnecessary and they intrude upon the life of the man in the street to unacceptable degree.”

National identity register

Personal information:

1) Full name;

2) Other names by which he is or has been known;

3) Date of birth;

4) Place of birth;

5) Gender;

6) Principal UK place of residence;

7) Every other UK place of residence;

8 ) Past places of UK and overseas residence during a prescribed period

Identifying information:

9) Head and shoulder photograph;

10) Signature;

11) Fingerprints;

12) Other biometric information.

Residential status:

13) Nationality;

14) Entitlement to remain in the United Kingdom;

15) The terms and conditions of leave to enter or remain in the UK, if applicable.

Personal reference numbers etc:

16) National Identity Registration Number;

17) The number of any ID card issued;

18) Any national insurance number;

19) The number of any immigration document;

20) The number of any United Kingdom passport;

21) The number of any non-UK passport;

22) The number of any document that can be used instead of a passport;

23) The number of any overseas identity card;

24) Any reference number in connection with an application to enter or to remain in the UK;

25) The number of any work permit;

26) Any driving license number;

27) The number of any other designated document;

28) The date of expiry or period of validity of a document listed above.

Record history:

29) Previous records of the above information;

30) Changes affecting the above information and changes made to the Register entry;

31) Date of death.

Registration and ID card history:

32) The date of every application for registration;

33) The date of every application for a modification of the registry entry;

34) The date of every application confirming the contents of the registry entry;

35) The reason for any omission from the information recorded;

36) Particulars (in addition to its number) of every ID card issued;

37) Whether each such card is in force and, if not, why not;

38) Particulars of every person who has countersigned an application;

39) Particulars of every notification given by him (lost, stolen and damaged cards, etc);

40) Particulars of every requirement to surrender an ID card.

Validation information:

41)  The information provided in connection with every application or modification;

42)  The information provided in connection with every registry entry confirmation;

43)  The steps taken to identify the applicant or verify the information provided;

44) Any other steps or information used to ensure a complete, up-to-date, accurate entry;

45)  Particulars of every notification given by that individual.

Security information:

46) A PIN used in connection with applications or information provision;

47) A password used for the above purpose;

48) Questions and answers to be used for security when applying or modifying information.

Records of provision of information:

49) Particulars of every occasion on which the registry entry has been accessed;

50) Particulars of every person to whom such information has been provided;

51) Other particulars associated with the registry access


1) Name of premises

2) Capacity of premises

3) Address of premises

4) Telephone number of premises

5) Designated premises supervisor

6) Contact telephone numbers of supervisor

Promoter’s details

7) Promoter’s full name

8 ) D.O.B

9) Address of promoter

10) Telephone numbers of promoter

Promotion/ Event Details

11) Event name

12) Event date

13) Music style to be performed (e.g. Bashment, R’B, and Garage)

14) Start time

15) Finish time

16) Expected attendance

17) Is this a private or public event?

18) Will tickets be sold on the door?

19) Who is the target audience (Include here is it is a Birthday party)

Artists Details

20) Real name

21) Role or other named used (stage name)

22) D.O.B

23) Contact Telephone number

24) Address

Details of the Security

25) Name of Security Company to be used

26) Registration number of Security Company

27) Contact numbers and email of Security Company

28) Number of door supervisors on duty? (No. Male, No. Female)

29) Outline of how security staff will be deployed.

30) Total number of security staff?

31) Details of artist’s security staff?

32) Do you have knowledge of the acts or audience that would need special considerations to be made to limit crime and disorder?

33) If yes, give details

After Event Debrief

34) Name of premises?

35) Date of event?

36) Any information concerning the event that will enable police to give appropriate support and advice to ensure safer future events?


1) Date?

2) Time?

3) Street/Location name?

4) First name?

5) Last name?

6) Gender?

7) D.O.B?


9) Self-defined ethnicity?

10) Location Excluded from?

11) Required to leave locality: Immediately?  Within 15-30 minutes? Within 1 hour?

12) Excluded from locality for up to ______hours (not exceeding 48).

13) Most appropriate route to be taken to leave the locality?


1) Full name

2) Gender

3) D.O.B

4) Nationality

5) Type of travel document

6) Travel document number

7) Issuing country of travel document

8 ) Expiry date

9) Registration of any vehicle used to travel

10) Place of birth

11) Issue date of travel

12) UK visa or entry clearance expiry date

13) Booking reference number

14) Date of reservation

15) Date(s) of intended travel

16) Passenger name (if different to full name)

17) Other passengers on same booking

18) Passenger’s address

19) Form of payment, including any credit card number

20) Billing address

21) Contact number, including hotel or relative being visited

22) Travel itinerary and route

23) Frequent flyer information (miles flown and addresses)

24) Travel agency

25) Pers0n at travel agency who made booking

26) Reference number of any shared booking

27) Status of booking e.g. confirmed, wait listed

28) Details of passengers on booking with a different itinerary

29) Email address

30) Ticket number and date of issue

31) Any other information the ticket agent considers of interest

32) Number of ticket

33) Reserved seat number

34) Date ticket is issued

35) No show history

36) Bag tag numbers

37) Details of whether travel arrangements are ‘flexible’

38) Names of any infants of staff in travelling party

39) Is the traveler an unaccompanied minor?

40) Details of who made the booking

41) All historical changes to travel arrangements

42) Number of travelers in party

43) Seat information, including whether first class

44) Is the ticket one-way only?

45) Any other biographical information

46) Cost of fare

47) Check in time

48) Actual seat number

49) How much luggage checked in

50) Chick in agent’s initial

51) Out bound travel indicator

52) Where did the journey begin, if not first leg of trip

53) Group indicator of whether a party is a family or friends etc.

153 Questions in total.