Bloggers’ Summit






To read a transcript of the Q&A from this session click here

Logan Hall, 13.00 – 14.00 (wifi available).

The bloggers summit, in association with Liberal Conspiracy and Guardian’s Comment is Free, will hope to give the event a more activist feel.

Online technology is reshaping the way people can not only collect information and apply it, but also organise to raise awareness of issues that they are concerned about. How can this new generation of bloggers, online activists, Facebookers or just plain internet surfers get involved, get campaigning and get heard?

This event will look at what civil liberty campaigns have so far been run online, to great success or dismal failure, what tools are available and helpful for people, and how different people can work together towards a common goal using simple online tools.

This event will have an activist feel and aim to look forward on upcoming issues and how people can get involved in them.


Phil Booth (national co-ordinator, NO2ID)
Heather Brooke (Your Right To Know)
Sunny Hundal (Liberal Conspiracy) Chair
Ben Goldacre
Sam Smith (my Society)