4. Faiths and Freedoms

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The centralising, technocratic impulse behind the ‘database state’ is a challenge to citizenship. But citizenship is itself much more than a legal status, it is a way of being in society that all the major faiths also address. Fundamental human rights have been supported by many faiths but does their secular character strike at the particularity of belief however powerful its humanism? Just as the Church of England opposed 42 Days and may have contributed to the shift of opinion on that issue the major religions can have an influential role to play in defending as well as defining freedom in the 21st century.


Chair: Simon Barrow (co-director, Ekklesia)
Speakers: Keith Kahn-Harris (convenor of New Jewish Thought)
  Savitri Hensman (Equalities adviser, Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement)
  Vaughan Jones (CEO, Praxis)