CML Doc 3: 26 Aug 2008 – minutes of ad hoc planning meeting

CML Doc No 3 26 Aug 2008 – minutes of ad hoc planning meeting

Modern Liberty

Meeting at Guardian 26 Aug 08

Georgina Henry

Marc Sands

Elizabeth Ribbans

Sara Rhodes

Anthony Barnett

GH & AB later joined by

Stephen Pittam – Secretary to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

This was an exploratory meeting to assess the proposal prior to funding.

Actions and Next steps

  1. Funding. AB reported. £40K minimum needed. £15K confirmed. Further £5K Rowntree Reform Trust also confirmed provided Rowntree Charitable Trust agrees to £10K. Decision hoped for by end of the month. Can’t sign now for a 25 Oct event.
  2. Decision: Convention date to be changed to 29 November
  3. Venue: Logan Hall and all facilities at Institute of Education, Bloomsbury
  4. Sponsor branding. Does Guardian want to have one of the lead sponsor position as proposed, or be seen as overall sponsor but at arms length? MS to consult and decide
  5. Sponsors and partners – these will be in the adverts in Guardian not the basic link to the event
  6. AB to seek magazine partners but not other newspapers
  7. Videos: Guardian to film short videos of key people 2 to 4 mins, preferably direct to camera (e.g.: Henry, Helena, DD, Shami, Gove, Georgina) on e.g. why it matters to them, picking up on the three Convention themes: What are the threats? what should be done? how can the wider public see this matters?
  8. Announcement date; tbd – ideal early Oct. Website must be up.
  9. Print coverage in Guardian – to be planned. Discussed running a ‘pull out’ of the agenda, the sessions, the key debating points, esp to encourage independent meetings across the country. ER to check with Alan
  10. Webcasting and cross-Britain meetings – NO2ID will organise  to be linked by webcast on the day. AB seeking a sponsor for this. Guardian is willing to acknowledge sponsor appropriately
  11. CiF: blog nation event to be organised as dedicated session with Liberal Conspiracy and a conservative blog, GH to talk to Sunny Hundal
  12. The plenary sessions are not sponsored by any partners. Partners who run a parallel session are responsible for its chair and speakers panel. No all male panels.

Next steps

If Rowntrees confirm their funding we will still be £10K short but will proceed to start invites and organisation on a provisional basis.

  1. Creation of small Executive Committee. This will meet mainly via a web page. In addition to GH on editorial/speaker issues we need one designated Guardian rep for all organisational matters, who will touch base with relevant Guardian people.