CML Doc 7: 9 Dec 2008 first press release

CML Doc 7: 9 Dec 2008 first press release

The Convention on Modern Liberty

On December 10th, the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Rowntree Trusts, openDemocracy, Liberty and the Guardian are proud to announce The Convention on Modern Liberty

Deputy Director, the Convention on Modern Liberty, 07739746759,

The Convention is a call to all concerned with attacks on fundamental rights and freedoms under pressure from counter-terrorism, financial breakdown and the database state.

Henry Porter (The Observer) and Anthony Barnett (founder openDemocracy) are the Convention’s co-directors.

Keynote speakers include: Shami Chakrabarti, Philip Pullman and David Davis MP.

Confirmed participants include: Lord Bingham, Helena Kennedy, Dominic Grieve, Nick Clegg MP, Brian Eno, Liz Forgan, Lord Goldsmith, Caroline Lucas MEP, Professor Quentin Skinner, Simon Jenkins, Marina Warner, Iain Dale, Sunny Hundal and many others.

It is taking place Saturday 28 February 2009 in London, with facilities for a 1000+ participants and in seven linked regional meetings across the country. Tickets for the main event in London go on sale December 10

The organisers aim to inspire a new coalition in defence of fundamental rights and freedoms at a time when they are coming under sustained attack from counter-terror laws and the government’s database state. For partner organisations from across the political spectrum:


Why the Convention? An open letter from the organisers:


For a full programme see:


Henry Porter said: “Parliament now seems quite unable to protect our liberties; the Convention will show what we have lost and must now regain.”

Anthony Barnett said: “Our official politics is becoming suffocating. This important and exciting Convention will bring a new spirit to people as we take back our liberty from an incompetent and dangerous regime.”