10. Child’s play? Equality and young people

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Children and young people deserve to be protected from harm, but this in itself is not enough. We must recognise that children and young people are the holders of a wide range of rights, including the right to express their views and to participate in the making of decisions which affect them. In recent years, there seems to have been a steady decline in respect for and equal treatment of young people – curfews for under -16s; ‘mosquito’ devices (using technology originally designed to scare away vermin) being used to deter young people from particular areas; the roll out of Contact Point, the children’s database; Asbos, and the naming and shaming of children are just a few examples. The demonisation of children and young people can reinforce divisions between generations and damage young people’s respect for law and order. So why are we seeing such a decline in respect for the rights of the young?

Chair: Sabina Frediani (Campaigns co-ordinator, Liberty)
Speakers: Lisa Blakemore Brown (Autism Rights, Psychologist and Author)
  Sam Dimmock (CRAE’s Head of policy and public affairs)
  Terri Dowty (Action on Rights for Children)
  Alex Gask (pupil barrister and former Liberty Legal Officer)
  Jenni Russell (Writer, commentator and broadcaster)