Cardiff: A Welsh Perspective on the Future of Freedom

The second session of the Convention on Modern Liberty in Cardiff featured a selection of speakers from across Welsh public life. Some of the speakers comments included: Kirsty Williams, Welsh Lib Dem leader, warned of the dangers of small changes happening now becoming bigger changes later, and a need to establish the rights our forefathers fought for.  Dr Peri Roberts, of the Cardiff School of European Studies, spoke about defending liberty against ’piecemeal errosions’, and to consider the difference between restrictions and regulations of liberties. Dr Urfan Khaliq, academic lawyer at Cardiff Law School, believes liberty is being used as a ‘political football’ and the importance of an informed, balanced and intelligent debate. Our final speaker, John Osmond, of the Institute of Welsh Affairs, opened his speech by declaring that he was optimistic, and that Wales has a unique opportunity to defend liberties through the Welsh Assembly.

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