Cambridge: Summary

  • Mar 1, 2009
  • by Cambridge Convention
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There was no time to post any blog updates during the day yesterday – too busy, and too many interesting local sessions! The four parallel morning sessions (on eGovernment, Internet Censorship, Communications Privacy and the Database State) were all universally voted interesting and useful, with the only complaint being that there were too many good panels running simultaneously, so people had to make difficult choices about which one to attend! Some of the panels were videoed, and should be available online shortly.

The afternoon debate on the motion “This House believes its Civil Liberties are under grave threat” saw forceful arguments deployed by the speakers from both sides – David Howarth MP, Prof. Andrew Gamble, Bill Rammell MP and Tariq Sadiq. Many from the audience of over 120 also had the chance to contribute. The whole debate was also captured on video, and will be put online as soon as possible.

A great day!

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