Trade unions at the Convention

The nice people at the TUC website have posted notices about the Convention and it’s on the NUJ website too. Time to think about trade unions.

Not long ago the media was saying very little about this key democratic movement, though there are 6.5M trade union members in Britain and many millions more worldwide.

Cometh the hour. With recession, unions have come back into the news.

The brothers and sisters on the Unite picket lines outshone Westminster with the integrity and democracy of their politics. British Jobs for British Workers, opined the PM, but British workers weren’t fooled. They called for justice for all workers, and fair labour practices.

Tomorrow it’s the turn of CWU, aiming to save the Post Office for public ownership with rallies across the country. And don’t forget embattled NUJ journalists struggling for jobs, decent wages and a free and independent media.

The TUC is well up to the challenge of taking on the rise of the database state, surveillance and authoritarianism. At Congress 2008 they voted to oppose the National Identity Scheme – enshrined in an Act which also threatens up to 10 years in prison for any worker on the Scheme who goes on strike.

We are not going to stand for this. Come to the ‘Freedom and Working People’ sessions in London or Bristol to find out more.

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