What next? New Ideas for Human Politics

Alice Dyke: Martin Whitlock has tackled the question of ‘What Next’ in his blog for the human politics website, and has provided an interesting angle from which to consider what needs to happen post-convention.  

Mr Whitlock believes the ‘big’ question following the Convention is: “How deep do we dare go? Is it enough to campaign for specific victories or is it possible to strive realistically for more profound change?”  He goes on to explain his premise as “only when politics stops getting in the way of our relationships with each other will we begin to make progress.”  On the same page he discusses the need for a new ideology “to renew the system of ideas from which we draw our political principles.”

So therefore, where next after the Convention? Mr Whitlock summarises his answer in a single word – ‘Courage’.

“Courage; courage above all things. The courage to be truthful, and the courage to take human risks – to emerge from the suffocating embrace of those who would curtail freedom under the false pretext of protection.  This is not a campaign that can be won with a charter of rights or the repeal of a particular piece of legislation. It is a movement that must start in the human spirit that inhabits us all. Go to it!

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